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To play in a Junior Tour of Northern California tournament you must meet the following requirements:

  • Have a current NCGA membership
  • Pay Junior Tour Membership Fee of $75
  • Take Mandatory Rules and Etiquette Curriculum
  •  Have an established Handicap Index at the time of entry into the tournament (See Handicaps And You)
  • Have an index of 18.4 or lower on the day of registration
  • Be between 10-18 years old by tournament day – (players under 10 can request exemption)
  • Have not started college

Before you decide to play on the Junior Tour of Northern California, be aware that we usually play courses that are between 6300-7000 yards for the Boys Championship Flight, 5800-6500 for the Boys First Flight, 5700-6300 for the Girls Championship Flight and 5000-5500 for the Girls First Flight.  Some younger players may not be ready for courses this long so it is recommended that you wait until you think you can handle this.

Membership in the NCGA is arranged through a golf club.  There are many different kinds of golf clubs: public; private; associate (groups of people such as co-workers or friends); and eClubs.  You can learn more about these clubs at the NCGA membership page.  The most economical option you have is joining the NCGA Youth on Course program.  See the NCGA Foundation website for more information.  You should join a club as soon as possible so that you can post at least five 18-hole scores and get a handicap.

Tournaments are 36 holes over two days.  Our preferred model for tournaments is to have the first 18 in the afternoon and the second 18 in the morning.  This way, families can travel and play on the same day and save travel costs.  This is not always possible due to the needs of the golf courses that are providing us their facilities at reduced rates.  When the course has a driving range, range balls are also included.  Lunches may be provided at selected events.

The Championship Flights are for girls who have Handicap Indexes of 6.0 or lower or boys with indexes of 4.0 or lower.  The First Flight is for girls who have Handicap Indexes of 6.1 to 18.4 or boys who are 4.1 to 18.4.  Your Handicap Index at the time of registration will determine which flight you are in.  If it changes before the tournament, you will not be moved to the other flight.  This is because we don’t want to mix players in different flights in the same group as they are playing different tees and it could cause confusion.

The average cost is $135 for the majority of our tournaments; however, in some cases the tournament fee may vary depending on venue. The tournament fee includes golf and range balls for two days. There is also a $75 annual membership fee.  If there are financial issues that make it difficult for you to pay these fees, please contact the JTNC at (831) 625-4653 for information on possible support and complete the Financial Hardship Request Form.

Please sign in on the home page login, which will take you to the JTNC Registration page. Make sure that you have done the three required actions to register for tournaments: Paid Junior Tour Membership Fee, have a current NCGA membershipand taken the mandatory quiz. When you have accomplished those three actions click on the Register Now link. There you can create an online account by clicking on the  Click Here to Register link under New Users.  Once you have created your account, you will get an e-mail that confirms things are setup.  After that, you can log in here.  After logging in click on the Event Schedule on the menu bar.  You will see a list of tournaments.  Any tournament that is open will be green and say Registration Open.  Registration will open at 8:00 am on the specified dates.

Late Registrations may be accepted if the field has room. Depending on the circumstances there may be a 50% late registration penalty. Read the Late Registration page for full information

In general the field is set on a first-come / first-serve basis unless it fills in the first 24 hours.  If that is the case, half the field is selected first-come / first-serve while the other half is selected from a random draw of the players who entered in the first 24 hours.  To learn more details you can read about our Field Selection Process.

By going to the tournament information you can see who is in the tournament as well as the wait list.  Wait lists are managed independently for each flight.  Each Wait List is shown in the order that players are on the list.  Click on the Participants link on the right of the tournament’s entry in the schedule.  Once you are there, select the appropriate Division from the list at the top.

If a player from your flight withdraws and you are the first person on the wait list for that flight, you will be notified that you are in the tournament.  If the tournament is still open for entries when the withdrawal happens, we will move you directly into the tournament.  If entries have closed, we will contact you and see if you still want to play.  Please let us know as soon as possible as there are usually others on the lists who do want to play.

If you need to withdraw from a tournament you may withdraw online up to a week in advance of the tournament.  After one week, online withdrawals are not available and you must call the NCGA offices to withdraw.  Failure to notify the NCGA Offices will cause the player to be listed as a NO SHOW, resulting in a ONE YEAR SUSPENSION FROM ALL NCGA EVENTS FOR THE CALENDAR YEAR FOLLOWING THE INFRACTION.

Refunds: Refund less $10.00 if requested prior to the registration closing date.  50% refund if withdrawal is after the registration closing date, but before two business days of the tournament.  No refunds within two business days of the tournament.

Yes, we send results for all tournaments to Junior Golf Scoreboard for ranking. Junior Golf Scoreboard asks for players’ high school graduation year.  Please be sure this is completed on your registration profile.

Yes, a link for AJGA PBE Status can be found under quick links. Read more there.

The USGA has a paper on their website that describes the rules for financial assistance for juniors.  This only covers things from the USGA’s Amateur status rules.  You should also check with the NCAA to see what rules they might have regarding juniors accepting assistance.


JTNC is moving to a new registration system powered by BlueGolf. The first time you register for an event this year you will need to create a new profile.

Click here to register.

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