Late Registration

Junior Tour Late Entry Policy

The Junior Tour will accept entries after the closing date on a space available basis. Given the popularity of many Junior Tour tournaments, we still urge that players enter tournaments on time. The ability to enter late should only be used for exceptional circumstances on your part, not as a force of habit.

This policy applies ONLY to Junior Tour tournaments. It specifically does NOT apply to the NCGA Junior Championship, the Northern California Junior Players Championship or any other NCGA or CGA tournaments.

The following rules will apply to late entries. We reserve the right to add to these as required:

1. Late entries may be subject to a late entry fee of 50% of the entry fee for the tournament.
2. Only with very limited circumstances will late entries be accepted after the close of business three days before the tournament starts. For example for a tournament which starts on a Saturday, the last day for a late entry would be Wednesday at 5PM. If a tournament starts on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, the final time for a late entry is 5PM on the Friday before.
3. Late entries will only be accepted to fill or create groups of players who are in the same flight. There will be no groups containing players from different flights.
4. If, after the closing date for the tournament, openings exist in flights where there is no wait list, a player may be added to fill a group.
5. If pairings have not been published, a late entry that would cause an additional group to be created will be accepted if we have not reached the maximum field size. For example, if pairings had not been published and a flight had 24 players (6 groups of 4), a player could be added and a new group created (4 groups of 4 and 3 groups of 3).
6. Once pairings have been published, any late entry that would require another group to be created will be put on a wait list. If enough late entries in the flight are received and there is room for another group, it can be created by moving all these players into the field. For example, if we are playing in groups of 4, when three late entries in a flight are received, we could create a group if we have the room. If we are in groups of 3, at least two late entries in the flight must be received.
7. Under no circumstances will a group be added if it would mean that the number of tee times or players contracted is exceeded. Also, if we have told the course how many tee times we will need, we will not add a group without their permission.
8. For tournaments with tee times, we will not re-pair players to add a late entry under any circumstance.
9. Under no circumstances will the tournament size be increased above the maximum agreed upon in the contract after entries are closed.
10. No group will be added that would have the potential to increase the tournament size above the maximum. For example, if we were at 109 players with an opening in other flights, we could not add a group of three boy’s championship flight because a fourth player in any flight would push us over 112.
11. If there is a wait list for a flight or a flight is full, we will accept late entries to the end of wait list.
12. Players who enter late and withdraw in time for a refund will only receive 50% of the original tournament fee as a refund. In other words, you will forfeit the 50% of the tournament fee as well as the late entry fee.
13. Late entries will be accepted for the Junior Tour’s Tour Championship, but the player will go at the end of the list and not be placed in the field by their points ranking.

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