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Junior Tour of Northern California

Approved JTNC events can be found on the following link AJGA Performance Based Entry (PBE) Map

*Events that are not listed are not guaranteed AJGA PBE status. If the event 
meets the minimum field size requirements for any age 
division we will submit it to the AJGA for consideration.


For more information on the AJGA Performance Based Entry process, visit the AJGA website.


Other Events We Report Results For

CWAC Junior Girls’ State Championship (Match Play Portion – Championship Flight) June 24-27, 2019

Top 2 – Fully Exempt
Top 4 – 12 Performance Stars
Top 8 – 8 Performance Stars
Top 16 – 4 Performance Stars

NCGA Junior Championship July 8-9, 2019
Boys Champion (14-18) Fully Exempt
Boys Top 5 (14-18) 12 Performance Stars
Boys Top 10 (14-18) 8 Performance Stars
Boys Top 15 (14-18) 4 Performance Stars
Girls Champion (13-18) 8 Performance Stars
Girls Top 3 (13-18) 4 Performance Stars


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