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Junior Tour Policies – general policies are highlighted here.  Please refer to the FAQ section for answers to commonly asked questions.

To play in a Junior Tour of Northern California tournament you must meet the following requirements:

  • Have a current NCGA membership
  • Pay Junior Tour Membership Fee
  • Take Mandatory Rules and Etiquette Curriculum
  • Have an established Handicap Index at the time of entry into the tournament.
  • Have an index of 18.4 or lower on the day of registration
  • Be between 10-18 years old by tournament day – (players under 10 can request exemption)
  • Have not started college
  • Add a photo to your profile
  • For special age or handicap exemptions please contact Aaron at the NCGA office (831) 622-8234.  Exemption cases will be heard on a case by case basis.

Course Length:  Be aware that we usually play courses that are between 6400-7000 yards for the Boys Championship Flight; 5800-6500 for the Boys First Flight; 5700-6300 for the Girls Championship Flight and 5000-5500 for the Girls First Flight. Some younger players may not be ready for courses this long so it is recommended that you wait until you think you can handle this.

Fees:  The average cost is $135 for the majority of our tournaments; however, in some cases the tournament fee may vary depending on venue. The tournament fee includes golf and range balls for two days.   A $75 annual membership fee is also required.  If there are financial issues that make it difficult for you to pay these fees, please contact the JTNC at (831) 625-4653 for information on possible support and complete the Financial Hardship Form found on the Junior Tour Homepage.

Registration:  The tournament calendar will show registration open and closing days.   General registration will open at 8:00 a.m. and close at 5:00 p.m. on the specified day.  For JTNC exempt players please see the exemption list. Junior Tour Exempt List

Flights:  The Junior Tour of Northern California does not flight by age, rather by ability, using a player’s valid handicap index to determine in which flight he or she will play.  A player’s handicap index at the time of registration will determine the appropriate flight assigned.  At the time the flight sizes are going to be finalized staff will use the most up to date handicap revision available to ensure that players a place appropriately.  At this point a players position in a flight is set and no further changes will be made.   A player may ask for an exemption to move flights and this may or may not be available and will be gauged on a tournament by tournament basis.  No player will ever be move from championship flight to first flight, players will only potentially move from first flights into championship flights.

Girls Championship Flight – Handicap indexes of 6.0 or lower

Girls First Flight – Handicap indexes of 6.1 to 18.4

Boys Championship Flight – Handicap indexes of 4.0 or lower

Boys First Flight – Handicap indexes of 4.1 to 18.4

Field Selection:  In general the field is set on a first-come / first-serve basis.  If a tournament fills we will run a wait list and fill off the wait list as needed and possible.  Read more about the Field Selection Process.

Withdrawals:  You may withdraw online up to a week in advance of the tournament.  After one week, online withdrawals are not available and you must call the NCGA offices to withdraw.  Failure to notify the NCGA Offices will cause the player to be listed as a NO SHOW, resulting in a ONE YEAR SUSPENSION FROM ALL NCGA EVENTS FOR THE CALENDAR YEAR FOLLOWING THE INFRACTION.

Refunds:  Refund less $10.00 if requested prior to the registration closing date.  50% refund if withdrawal is after the registration closing date, 5 PM two Sundays before the event in most cases, but before two business days of the tournament.  No refunds within two business days of the tournament.  For Example with a Saturday and Sunday tournament, Wednesday at 5pm would be the last day to receive a 50% refund.

Spectators:  Walking spectators are always encouraged and welcomed at Junior Tour events.  All spectators must meet the dress code requirements for the course.  Denim, T-shirts and athletic or short shorts should not be worn.  Spectators should not consume alcohol on the course and must follow club policies on tobacco use.  The use of electronic devices should be limited to areas where their use will not distract players on the course.  Spectators should maintain at least 25 yards from the players and avoid even the appearance of imparting advice or assisting the player in any way.  A spectator may approach a player briefly to hand clothing, food or beverages to the player, but should not have prolonged conversations.  Please walk ahead of the group you are following and stay in the rough or near the cart paths.  Do not delay groups by walking slowly.  Spectators must stay off the greens and out of the bunkers at all times.  Spectators violating these policies may be asked to leave the course.  Spectators are prohibited from using golf carts.

Disabled Spectators:  On a case by case basis, the Junior Tour does allow disabled spectator carts.  These spectators must show documentation of their disability from their doctor.  You will then be asked to sign a “Disabled Spectator Cart Request” form from the Junior Tour staff. Those approved for use of a golf cart are required to pay the appropriate cart fee to the golf course.

Late Registration:  The Junior Tour does allow late registration after the tournament has closed.  The late registration fee is 50% of the normal entry fee.  So, if the entry fee is normally $130, the late registration fee will be $65; therefore, the late registration entry fee for that particular tournament will be $195.

Pace of Play:  The overriding philosophy of the JTNC Pace of Play Policy is that responsibility for keeping pace resides with the player, not the officials.  Keep up with the group in front of you, and monitor your time with either a watch or clock, and the latest time of finish at the bottom of your scorecard.  The JTNC Pace of Play Policy can be found here.

JTNC Hard Card and Conditions of Competitions:  These policies regarding conditions of competitions are in play at all JTNC events. Please read here.

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