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JTNC Rules of Golf Basics

The Rules of Golf have changed for 2019. This course gets you up to speed before you compete in your first event.


Areas of the Course

The topics in this lesson will explain 1) what are the different areas of the course, 2) how the player knows when a ball is in or on a specific area of the course and 3) what do the Rules treat differently about each part of the course.

Playing the Game

This lesson will take you through how you can play the ball and what to do if you need to look for it, lift it, clean it, substitute or if you accidentally play the wrong ball.

Relief Without Penalty

This lesson will walk you through the different ways the Rules give players relief from unfair interference without penalty.

Relief With Penalty

This lesson will go over the options for relief with penalty when a ball is in a penalty area, is found unplayable or is lost or out of bounds.

Match Play vs. Stroke Play

This lesson will take you through the various differences between match play and stroke play and how the Rules of Golf handle them.

Competing: Player Responsibilities

This lesson will cover those additional responsibilities so that you can feel confident you’re ready to play by the Rules in competition.

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