History of the Junior Tour

Two Tours Become One

The NCGA Junior Tour was founded in 2008 and grew rapidly from eight tournaments to sixteen by 2010, while the NCPGA’s Junior Tour conducted eight tournaments during its inaugural year in 2010.

Beginning in 2011, the Junior Tour of Northern California was established by combining the resources of the NCGA and the NCPGA’s Junior Tours, in order to create a single tour where junior golfers could compete against the best players for an affordable price. This partnership proved extremely successful, and the number of tournaments increased to seventeen.

In order to meet Northern California’s demand for quality junior golf tournaments, the Junior Tour of Northern California will hold twenty six tournaments in 2017 between March and December. The quality of these tournaments has been recognized the American Junior Golf Association by awarding performance based entry status to the winners of all Boys and Girls Championship flights.

Junior Tour of Northern California Player of the Year

In 2008 when the NCGA created its junior tour it created a “Player of the Year” award to honor the best player in the boys’ and girls’ divisions. After the NCGA joined its junior tour with the NCPGA at the end of 2010—creating the Junior Tour of Northern California (JTNC)—the award has continued to recognize the best boy and girl junior player in the region.

Player of the Year Winners


Year Boys’ Winners Girls’ Winners Final Results
2023 Jaden Dumdumaya Asterisk Talley Boys Girls
2022 Clark Van Gaalen Asterisk Talley Boys Girls
2021 Jaden Dumdumaya Adora Liu Boys Girls
2020 Baron Szeto Kiara Romero Boys Girls
2019 Dylan McDermott Madelyn Gamble Boys Girls
2018 Ethan Chung Yealimi Noh NA NA
2017 Ashkaan Hakim Sabrina Iqbal NA NA
2016 Thomas Hutchison Sabrina Iqbal NA NA
2015 Justin Suh Sabrina Iqbal NA NA
2014 Joshua McCarthy Sabrina Iqbal NA NA
2013 Justin Suh Casie Cathrea NA NA
2012 Jacob Solomon Carly Childs NA NA
2011 Bryson DeChambeau Casie Cathrea NA NA
2010 Andrej Bevins Casie Cathrea NA NA
2009 Shotaro Ban Hannah Suh NA NA
2008 Austin Roberts (14-18)
Christopher Petefish (12-13)
Tiffany Lim NA NA

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