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Junior Tour Exempt List

The Exemption List is for players who have won a tournament in their flight in the previous 365 days.
By winning they earn an exemption into any Junior Tour event and there will always be a spot available to them as long as registration is open.  Any exempt player wanting to play in a tournament just needs to sign up for the open event; if the tournament is full and they are placed on a wait list, just contact JTNC staff and the player will be added to the tournament as a participant. Once registration is closed for a tournament there is not a guarantee to get in.

First Name Last Name Available Until Reason
Ryan Meyer 3/17/2020 Spring Series I
Garrett Boe 3/31/2020 Spring Series II
Luke Montoya 3/31/2020 Spring Series II
Al Esguerra 4/7/2020 Spring Series III
Riley Yang 4/7/2020 Spring Series III
Luke Jun 4/14/2020 Spring Series IV
Howard Shu 4/14/2020 Spring Series IV
Joyce Zhang 4/14/2020 Spring Series IV
Curtis Dasilva 4/28/2020 Spring Series V
Brandon Knight 4/28/2020 Spring Series V
Jaclyn LaHa 4/28/2020 Spring Series V
Ryan Flynn 4/28/2020 Spring Series V
Jaden Dumdumaya 5/5/2020 Spring Series VI
Camille Thai 5/5/2020 Spring Series VI
Moses Greene 5/26/2020 Spring Series VII
Cynthia Zhang 5/26/2020 Spring Series VII
Ryan Nelson 6/9/2020 Summer Series I
Mathhew Almajano 6/9/2020 Summer Series I
Madelyn Gamble 6/9/2020 Summer Series I
Caleb Shetler 6/13/2020 Sumer Series II
Jamison Tan 6/13/2020 Sumer Series II
Sophie Thai 6/13/2020 Sumer Series II
Chad Cliff 6/24/2020 Sumer Series III
Misa Church 6/24/2020 Sumer Series III
Carter Jones 6/24/2020 Sumer Series III
Amelia Garibaldi 6/24/2020 Sumer Series III
Grace Bettis 7/9/2020 NCGA Junior Champ
Amelia Greenlee 7/22/2020 Summer Series IV
Michelle Woo 7/22/2020 Summer Series IV
Yijie Liu 7/22/2020 Summer Series IV
Griffin Long 7/30/2020 Tour Championship
Giuliano Kaminski 7/30/2020 Tour Championship
Mary Griffin 7/30/2020 Tour Championship
Ethan Flynn 7/18/2020 Fall Series I
Viveka Kurup 7/18/2020 Fall Series I
Erica Villegas 7/18/2020 Fall Series I
Zachery Pollo 7/25/2020 Fall Series II
Kaleiya Romero 7/25/2020 Fall Series II
Michael Burry 9/1/2020 Fall Series III
Faith Low 9/1/2020 Fall Series III
Kelly Yu 9/21/2020 Fall Series III
Jayden Lizama 9/8/2020 Fall Series IV
Ben Soicher 9/22/2020 Fall Series V
Ryan Gay 9/22/2020 Fall Series V
Kiara Romero 9/29/2020 Fall Series VI
Paramdeep Sodhi 9/29/2020 Fall Series VI
Jordan Chan 9/29/2020 Fall Series VI
Cutter Ayres 10/6/2020 Fall Series VII
Charlotte Ryoo 10/6/2020 Fall Series VII
Karina Dorn 10/6/2020 Fall Series VII
Baron Szeto 10/13/2020 Fall Series VIII
Alexander Suen 10/13/2020 Fall Series VIII
Sophie Zhang-Murphy 10/13/2020 Fall Series VIII
Norah Yang 10/13/2020 Fall Series VIII
Sam Sommerhauser 10/19/2020 Fall Series IX
Ashley Knepshield 10/19/2020 Fall Series IX
Edan Cui 10/19/2020 Fall Series IX
Abigail Lin 10/19/2020 Fall Series IX
Kurtis Rodriguez 11/26/2020 Holiday I
Easton Hether 11/26/2020 Holiday I
Selena Tang 11/26/2020 Holiday I
Lily Peng 11/26/2020 Holiday I
Andrea Gomez 12/8/2020 Holiday II
Adam Duncan 12/8/2020 Holiday II
Ayden Fynaut 12/8/2020 Holiday II
Bella Gunasayan 12/8/2020 Holiday II
Geoffrey Jing 12/28/2020 Holiday III
Trevor Moquin 12/28/2020 Holiday III
Shayna Lu 12/28/2020 Holiday III
Cathy Zhang 12/28/2020 Holiday III

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