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Junior Tour Exempt List

The Exemption List is for players who have won a tournament in their flight in the previous 365 days.
By winning they earn an exemption into any Junior Tour event and there will be a spot available to them as long as registration is open.  Any exempt player wanting to play in a tournament just needs to sign up for the open event; if the tournament is full and they are placed on a wait list, just contact JTNC staff and the player will be added to the tournament as a participant. Once registration is closed for a tournament there is not a guarantee to get in.

Please Note: Due to the incredible demand for our tournaments since our resumption and possible limitations on golf course use we may not always have spots available but will do our best to honor the exemptions.   This list will updated with winners as we play our 2020 Summer Series.  Players from our Springs Series 2019 will be afforded the opportunity to remain on the list through Summer Series.  Following Tour Championship the list will be updated.

First Name Last Name Available Until Reason
Ethan Flynn 8/18/2020 Fall Series I
Viveka Kurup 8/18/2020 Fall Series I
Erica Villegas 8/18/2020 Fall Series I
Zachery Pollo 8/25/2020 Fall Series II
Michael Burry 9/1/2020 Fall Series III
Faith Low 9/1/2020 Fall Series III
Kelly Yu 9/21/2020 Fall Series III
Jayden Lizama 9/8/2020 Fall Series IV
Ryan Gay 9/22/2020 Fall Series V
Paramdeep Sodhi 9/29/2020 Fall Series VI
Jordan Chan 9/29/2020 Fall Series VI
Cutter Ayres 10/6/2020 Fall Series VII
Charlotte Ryoo 10/6/2020 Fall Series VII
Karina Dorn 10/6/2020 Fall Series VII
Alexander Suen 10/13/2020 Fall Series VIII
Sophie Zhang-Murphy 10/13/2020 Fall Series VIII
Norah Yang 10/13/2020 Fall Series VIII
Sam Sommerhauser 10/19/2020 Fall Series IX
Ashley Knepshield 10/19/2020 Fall Series IX
Edan Cui 10/19/2020 Fall Series IX
Abigail Lin 10/19/2020 Fall Series IX
Kurtis Rodriguez 11/26/2020 Holiday I
Easton Hether 11/26/2020 Holiday I
Andrea Gomez 12/8/2020 Holiday II
Adam Duncan 12/8/2020 Holiday II
Ayden Fynaut 12/8/2020 Holiday II
Bella Gunasayan 12/8/2020 Holiday II
Trevor Moquin 12/28/2020 Holiday III
Shayna Lu 12/28/2020 Holiday III
Kaleiya Romero 6/7/2021 Summer Series I
Ben Soicher 6/7/2021 Summer Series I
Trenton Stuart 6/7/2021 Summer Series I
Lily Peng 6/7/2021 Summer Series I
Geoffrey Jing 6/18/2021 Summer Series II
Andrew Doll 6/18/2021 Summer Series II
Cathy Zhang 6/28/2021 First Flight Tournament
Winston Pan 6/28/2021 First Flight Tournament
Ryan Meyer 7/20/2021 Summer Series III
Selena Tang 7/20/2021 Summer Series III
Emma Wang 7/20/2021 Summer Series III
Cameron Keith 7/14/2021 NCGA Junior
Ian Gilligan 7/28/2021 Tour Championship
Madelyn Gamble 7/28/2021 Tour Championship
Matthew Lin 7/28/2021 Tour Championship
Emma Wang 7/28/2021 Tour Championship
Kiara Romero 7/28/2021 JTNC Player of the Year
Baron Szeto 7/28/2021 JTNC Player of the Year

JTNC is moving to a new registration system powered by USGA Tournament Management. The first time you register for an event this year you will need to create a new profile.

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