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Junior Tour Exempt List

The Exemption List is for players who have won a tournament in their flight in the previous 365 days.
By winning they earn an exemption into any Junior Tour event and there will be a spot available to them as long as registration is open.  Any exempt player wanting to play in a tournament just needs to sign up for the open event; if the tournament is full and they are placed on a wait list, just contact JTNC staff and the player will be added to the tournament as a participant. Once registration is closed for a tournament there is not a guarantee to get in.

Please Note: Due to the incredible demand for our tournaments since our resumption and possible limitations on golf course use we may not always have spots available but will do our best to honor the exemptions. 

First Name Last Name Available Until Reason
Chloe Ku 3/20/2023 Spring Series I
Brenna Preap 3/27/2023 Spring Series II
Luke Montoya 3/27/2023 Spring Series II
Cru Sullivan 3/27/2023 Spring Series II
Gianna Gunasayan 3/27/2023 Spring Series II
Richard Ding 4/3/2023 Spring Series III
Addison Lee 4/3/2023 Spring Series III
Alex Lemmon 4/10/2023 Spring Series IV
Griffin Chiu 4/10/2023 Spring Series IV
Aljandro Formosa 4/24/2023 Spring Series V
Katherine Keith 4/24/2023 Spring Series V
Madalynn Lee 5/1/2023 Spring Series VI
Calvin Kong 5/1/2023 Spring Series VI
Maximus Choi 5/1/2023 Spring Series VI
Danish Sharma 5/8/2023 Mothers Day
Samantha Chiou 5/8/2023 Mothers Day
Andrew Oh 5/15/2023 Spring Series VII
TIffany Chang 5/15/2023 Spring Series VII
Charlie Farrell 5/29/2023 Spring Series VIII
Brian Yu 5/29/2023 First Flight Tournament
Sai Kaneshiro 5/29/2023 First Flight Tournament
Ian Cheng 6/12/2023 Summer Series I
Cathy Zhang 6/16/2023 Summer Series II
Matthew Almajano 6/16/2023 Summer Series II
Reagan Baker 6/16/2023 Summer Series II
Jayleen Sito 6/16/2023 Summer Series II
Erin Le Nguyen 6/26/2023 First Flight Tournament
Ryan Pupach 6/27/2023 First Flight Tournament
Lily Peng 7/11/2023 NCGA Junior
Steven Rivera 7/11/2023 NCGA Junior
Haley Wong 7/18/2023 Summer Series III
Justin Rodriguez 7/18/2023 Summer Series III
Arden Xu 7/18/2023 Summer Series III
Cynthia Liu 7/18/2023 Summer Series III
Kara Lee 7/26/2023 Tour Championship
Clark Van Gaalen 7/26/2023 Tour Championship
Noah Kimbrell 7/26/2023 Tour Championship
Erin Le Nguyen 7/26/2023 Tour Championship
Asterisk Talley 7/26/2023 2022 Player of the Year
Clark Van Gaalen 7/26/2023 2022 Player of the Year
Drue Sanchez 8/21/2023 Fall Series I
Erica Villegas 8/21/2023 Fall Series I
Will Hoff 8/28/2023 Fall Series II
Jayden Jew 8/28/2023 Fall Series II
Hayley Fong 8/28/2023 Fall Series II
Joshua Galindo 9/4/2023 Fall Series III
Haily Li 9/4/2023 First Flight Tournament
Justin Hu 9/4/2023 First Flight Tournament
Christopher Bettencourt 9/11/2023 Fall Series IV
Brandon Yeh 9/11/2023 Fall Series IV
Nailah Jackson 9/11/2023 Fall Series IV
Trenton Stuart 9/18/2023 Fall Series V
Agilan Ramakrishnan 9/18/2023 Fall Series V
Victoria Cui 9/18/2023 Fall Series V
Truman Ashforth 9/25/2023 Fall Series VI
Cathy Zhang 9/25/2023 Fall Series VI
Saisha Vibhute 9/25/2023 Fall Series VI
Austin Wang 10/2/2023 Fall Series VII
Winston Pan 10/2/2023 Fall Series VII
Lily Peng 10/2/2023 Fall Series VII
Ben Friedman 10/9/2023 Fall Series VIII
Janna Andaya 10/9/2023 Fall Series VIII
Hayley Fong 10/9/2023 Fall Series VIII
Brandon Pantaleon 10/9/2023 Fall Series VIII
Edan Cui 10/16/2023 Fall Series IX
Gianna Singh 10/16/2023 Fall Series IX
Alex Chou 10/16/2023 Fall Series IX
Paavni Behl 10/16/2023 Fall Series IX
Clark Van Gaalen 10/23/2023 Fall Series X
Nathan Tarter 10/23/2023 Fall Series X
Jaden Dumdumaya 11/22/2023 Holiday I
Justin Hu 11/22/2023 Holiday I
Selena Tang 11/22/2023 Holiday I
Molly Liu 11/22/2023 Holiday I
Elias Moncrief 12/4/2023 Holiday II
Lequan Wang 12/4/2023 Holiday II
Cambron Nevill 12/29/2023 Holiday III
Adam Waller 12/29/2023 Holiday III
Asterisk Talley 12/29/2023 Holiday III
Cynthia Liu 12/29/2023 Holiday III

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