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Pre Registration List

Pre registration is for players who have won a tournament in their flight in the previous 365 days.
By winning they earn the right to pre-register the Friday before general registration opens.

First Name Last Name Available Until Reason
Jacqueline Ha 5/28/2018 Spring Series VII
Carson Kalbfleisch 5/28/2018 Spring Series VII
Samira Pal 5/28/2018 Spring Series VII
Danielle Suh 6/11/2018 Summer Series I
Madison Wu 6/11/2018 Summer Series I
Lucas Carper 6/15/2018 Summer Series II
Anton Ouyang 6/15/2018 Summer Series II
Belinda Hu 6/15/2018 Summer Series II
Jaclyn LaHa 6/15/2018 Summer Series II
George McNeely 6/20/2018 Summer Series III
Alexander Iniakov 6/20/2018 Summer Series III
Charlotte Ryoo 6/20/2018 Summer Series III
Sebastian Iqbal 7/11/2018 NCGA Junior-14-15
Gregory Lee 7/11/2018 NCGA Junior-10-13
Justin Pasley 7/17/2018 Summer Series IV
Simar Singh 7/17/2018 Summer Series IV
Stella Cheng 7/17/2018 Summer Series IV
Dilan Krishnamurthy 7/26/2018 Summer Series V
Niav Layton 7/26/2018 Summer Series V
Jason Chen 8/1/2018 Tour Championship
Matthew Lee 8/1/2018 Tour Championship
Caleb Shetler 8/20/2018 Fall Series I
Duncan Labeeuw-Anderson 8/20/2018 Fall Series I
Carlos Arieta Winsett 8/27/2018 Fall Series II
Will Meinhardt 9/3/2018 Fall Series III
Matthew Ro 9/3/2018 Fall Series III
Sophie Thai 9/3/2018 Fall Series III
Justin Gums 9/10/2018 Fall Series IV
Steven Chen 9/10/2018 Fall Series IV
Ellexix Mingming 9/10/2018 Fall Series IV
Brian Stark 9/30/2018 Fall Series V
Emily Hou 9/30/2018 Fall Series V
Yusuf Ahmed 9/30/2018 Fall series V
Sabrina Iqbal 10/1/2018 Fall Series VI
Ryan Stewart 10/1/2018 Fall Series VI
Nicole Iniakov 10/1/2018 Fall Series VI
Andre Chung 10/8/2018 Fall Series VII
Cloe Weng 10/8/2018 Fall Series VII
Kiran Sangha 10/8/2018 Fall Series VII
Tina Xu 10/15/2018 Fall Series VIII
Yealimi Noh 10/15/2018 Fall Series VIII
Katherine Zhu 11/21/2018 Holiday Series I
Gillian Galicia 11/21/2018 Holiday Series I
Ryan Grauman 12/2/2018 Holiday Series II
Ashley Shim 12/2/2018 Holiday Series II
Curtis Dasilva 12/2/2018 Holiday Sereis II
Katie Burson 12/2/2018 Holiday Series II
Sam Sommerhauser 12/28/2018 Holiday Series III
Jacqueline Lucena 12/28/2018 Holiday Series III
Reese Sato 12/28/2018 Holiday Series III
Trey Davis 3/17/2019 Spring Series I
Sienna Lyford 3/17/2019 Spring Series I
Nathan Jetton 3/17/2019 Spring Series I
Abigail Leighton 3/17/2019 Spring Series I
Paramdeep Sodhi 3/24/2019 Spring Series II
Kaleiya Romero 3/24/2019 Spring Series II
Sydney Sung 3/24/2019 Spring Series II
Katie Murphy 4/8/2019 Spring Series III
Stella Lin 4/8/2019 Spring Series III
Gregory Mouser 4/8/2019 Spring Series III
Ethan Chung 4/8/2019 Spring Series III
Anthony Alioto 4/21/2019 Spring Series IV
Jacob Ponce 4/21/2019 Spring Series IV
Lauren Sung 4/21/2019 Spring Series IV
Alan Chen 4/28/2019 Spring Series V
Alice Liu 4/28/2019 Spring Series V
Jalen Xing 4/28/2019 Spring Series V
Bridget O’Keefe 4/28/2019 Spring Series V
Moses Greene 5/13/2019 Spring Series VI
Mika Jin 5/13/2019 Spring Series VI
Matthew Almajano 5/20/2019 Spring Series VI
Kati Wilkes 5/20/2019 Spring Series VI
Tournament Registration
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