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Field Selection Process

Some venues on the Junior Tour of Northern California are extremely popular, making it difficult to get into these Junior Tour events. For example when the policy was solely a first come-first serve basis, some tournaments filled within five minutes after registration had opened and the waitlist would have more than 50 names on it within an hour or two. With there being concerns this was an unfair way to select a field, a proposal was made and approved by the Tournament Committee.  The following procedure will be used to select the field for any tournament which fills in the first 24 hours after general registration opens. 

The field will be selected with the following 8 steps:

1. All players who took advantage of pre-registration are automatically entered in the field.  At the time that the pre-registration period ends, the remaining spots in the field will be divided in half.  50% will be available on a first-come/first-serve basis.  The remainder will be chosen on a random selection basis.  For example, if the total field was 112 and 9 players pre-registered, 103 spots would be available.  52 spots would be first-come/first-serve, while 51 would be in the random pool.  The number of players who will get in via first-come/first-serve will be listed in the tournament description shortly after 8 PM on Sunday.  Players who have pre-registration rights, but do not enter until General Registration opens will have no special rights and will be processed as any other entry.

2. The first-come/first-serve spots will be filled starting at 8AM and these players will be immediately notified that they are in the field.

3.  All entries beyond those spots will be placed on the waiting list until 8AM the following morning.

4. If, at that point, there are not enough players to fill the field, all the players on the wait list will be placed into the tournament and notified of that fact.  The tournament will then be strictly first-come/first-serve, with the exception that we will stop 9 players short of a full field to enable us to balance the flights as described in steps 7 and 8.

If more entries have been received than can be accommodated, the remaining spots will be filled through a series of random draws as follows:

5. First we will attempt to guarantee the following minimum flight sizes:

Flight Minimum
Boys Low Handicap 32
Girls Low Handicap 20
Boys High Handicap 12
Girls High Handicap 12


If enough entrants have been received to fill the flights to these levels, random drawings within the list of players in the specific flight will be held to fill the flight to that level.  For example, if the combination of pre-registration and first-come/first-serve had resulted in 29 players in the Boys Championship Flight, three boys will be randomly selected from the list of those on the wait list in the Boys Championship Flight to bring it to 32.

If a flight does not have enough players to meet these minimums, all players who would be in that flight will be added immediately and enough spots will be reserved to bring the specific flight to an even number of players (divisible by 4).  For example, if only 15 girls had entered the Championship Flight, they would all be entered and one more spot would remain available for a girl to enter that flight.  The Girls Championship Flight would then only have a maximum of 16 players for that tournament.

Otherwise, there will continue to be no maximum on the number of players in a particular flight.

6. Once these minimum numbers have been met, the remaining spots will be selected by random drawing until there are 9 spots left.  The random drawing will take place across all flights which have at least 4 players on the waiting list.  Once a flight has three or fewer players left on the list, these players will be kept on the waiting list to replace any withdrawals.

7. When 9 spots remain, we will conduct random drawings within specific flights to ensure that each flight has an even group of players (divisible by four).  For example, if the Boys High Handicap Flight has 14 players in the field, two more players from that flight will be randomly selected to bring it to 16.

8. Occasionally we are able to balance the field in step 7 and still have 4 or 8 spots available.  If that is the case, a player will be randomly selected.  Three more players will be randomly selected from the same flight to create another group.  This would be repeated if 8 spots were available.

We feel this selection process will give all those who enter in the first 24 hours a chance to get into the field.  Those who can access their computers at 8 AM will still have the opportunity to get in first, but others who are unable to do so will have a chance to play.

The order of entry for the players still on the wait list will be based on time of entry and players will move in based on openings within their flight as before.


JTNC is moving to a new registration system powered by USGA Tournament Management. The first time you register for an event this year you will need to create a new profile.

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