Field Selection Process

The field will be selected with the following steps:

1.  All players will be put into a waitlist starting at 8AM and these players will be immediately notified that they are on the waitlist.

2. Players will have 48 hours to register for the event before we fill the first three quarters capacity of the field by lot.  At this point everyone on the waiting list has a chance to be chosen for entry.

3. All players who took advantage of the Junior Tour Exempt list will have a spot in the field.  All open tournaments will have a few spots held for exempt players.  If at the close of registration these spots have not filled we will fill them from the wait list.

4. If, at that point, there are not enough players to fill the field, all the players on the wait list will be placed into the tournament and notified of the fact. The tournament will then be strictly first-come/first-serve, with the exception that we will stop 9 players short of a full field to enable us to balance the flights.

If more entries have been received than can be accommodated, the remaining spots will be filled as follows:

  1.  Any at-large spots remaining may be filled at a player’s request if they have been on the waiting list for other prior events and not gotten in.  To be honored this request needs to come prior to the remaining spots in the tournament be filled.  Once this request has been granted the player will not be able to use this “exception” again, as they will have now gotten into at least one tournament.
  2. Once an event is totally full, we will continue to fill open spots as they become available due to cancellations.  This will be done in original time stamp order of registration from the waiting list.
  3. If a player no longer is available or wishes to play they are expected to withdraw themselves from the waitlist or contact JTNC staff. If not contacted and a player is next on the waitlist their card on file will be charged and the standard refund policy will apply.

5. First we will attempt to guarantee the following minimum flight sizes:

Flight Minimum
Boys Championship 40
Girls Championship 32
Boys First 28
Girls First 12

These are the minimum flight sizes, for the Championship Flights, that are required by the AJGA to continue to be recognized and given Performance Stars for the particular event.

If a flight does not have enough players to meet these minimums, all players who would be in that flight will be added immediately and enough spots will be reserved to bring the specific flight to an even number of players (divisible by 4).  For example, if only 15 girls had entered the Championship Flight, they would all be entered and one more spot would remain available for a girl to enter that flight.  The Girls Championship Flight would then only have a maximum of 16 players for that tournament.

Otherwise, there will continue to be no maximum on the number of players in a particular flight.

6. Once these minimum numbers have been met, the remaining spots will be selected by the method described in bullet point 4 above.  The addition of players will take place across all flights which have at least 4 players on the waiting list.  Once a flight has three or fewer players left on the list, these players will be kept on the waiting list to replace any withdrawals.

7. When 9 spots remain, we will add players within specific flights to ensure that each flight has an even group of players (divisible by four).  For example, if the Boys First Flight has 14 players in the field, two more players from that flight will be selected to bring it to 16.

8. Occasionally we are able to balance the field  and still have 4 or 8 spots available.  If that is the case, a player will be randomly selected.  Three more players will be randomly selected from the same flight to create another group.  This would be repeated if 8 spots were available.

We feel this selection process will give all those who enter during open registration a chance to get into the field.


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