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Rules & Etiquette Curriculum
(Ask Your Rules Questions)

One of the goals of the Junior Tour is to help players be the best competitive golfers possible. Knowing the rules is part of a golfer’s responsibility, and as our players improve and play more competitively, the rules will help them immensely on the course. The curriculum is designed to expose our players to the rules and prompt them to ask further questions to our staff, the NCGA officials, to each other, and to expand their knowledge of the Rules of Golf.

The curriculum should take a little over an hour to finish and must be completed by all members of the Junior Tour of Northern California. While no specific “passing grade” is required, we want members to review the material in a meaningful manner and then measure their knowledge of the rules with the four to six test questions that follow in each section.

While the entire curriculum does not need to be finished in one sitting, each of the six sections does need to be finished in one sitting and completed in chronological order. However, after completing one section, you may stop and return to the curriculum at a later time. Although the test cannot be taken more than once, you can go back to review each section to see the right answers. It is important that you complete the section you are working on before you logout. If you do not complete that section and submit your answers, the computer will not save your answers. However, if you do complete a section and logout, your completed sections will be saved and you can pick up where you left off when you log in again.

Our vision is to have on-going rules education for our juniors. In the future we hope to have rules seminars specifically for our Junior Tour members (and parents), and a growing rules section on the website.

LOG IN TO TAKE THE CURRICULUM – Simply push the “Take the Rules and Etiquette Curriculum” button below and you will be brought to the curriculum page. Once there, a dialog box will ask for your GHIN number and your last name. Log in with those, and you will be brought to the curriculum. Parents with an active GHIN number can also complete the curriculum if they wish.

After completing each section of the curriculum and answering its respective questions, hit the “Submit” button. A new page will come up to allow you to review your answers. After this, hit the “Back to Main Page” button. This will bring you back to the main Rules and Etiquette page where you can continue onto the next section.

Below you will also find a “Ask Your Rules Question Here” button. We encourage you to submit any rules question that you may have, or that may arise during the year. We will answer it in a timely manner.

Good luck and thank you for supporting the Junior Tour of Northern California.

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