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Pre Registration List

Pre registration is for players who have won a tournament in their flight in the previous 365 days.
By winning they earn the right to pre-register the Friday before general registration opens.

First Name Last Name Available Until Reason
Dylan McDermott 5/1/2017 Spring Series V
Meghan Paracuelles 5/1/2017 Spring Series V
Kevin Sze 5/15/2017 Spring Series VI
Lucy Li 5/15/2017 Spring Series VI
Vijay Srinivasan 5/29/2017 Spring Series VII
Dean Cavanna 5/29/2017 Spring Series VII
Ty Akabane 5/29/2017 Spring Series VII
Jordan Briggs 5/29/2017 Spring Series VII
Ryan Grauman 6/12/2017 Summer Series I
Caleb Barstad 6/12/2017 Summer Series I
Brooke Riley 6/12/2017 Summer Series I
Tyson Rutledge 6/16/2017 Summer Series II
Katherine Sung 6/16/2017 Summer Series II
Nicholas Mok 6/21/2017 Summer Series III
Allen Zhang 6/21/2017 Summer Series III
Lauren Shew 6/21/2017 Summer Series III
Brendan Hy 7/7/2017 Nor Cal Junior Players Championship
Kaleiya Romero 7/7/2017 Nor Cal Junior Players Championship
Drew Kim 7/12/2017 NCGA Junior (Boys 10-13)
Aaron Chen 7/12/2016 NCGA Junior (Boys 14-15)
Drake Mendenhall 7/12/2016 NCGA Junior (Boys 16-18)
Ahmed Ali 7/20/2017 Summer Series IV
Michael Lozano 7/20/2017 Summer Series IV
Kiana Briggs 7/20/2017 Summer Series IV
Tyler Gardner 7/26/2017 Summer Series V
Kyle Wall 7/26/2017 Summer Series V
Natalie Pietromonaco 7/26/2017 Summer Series V
Mia Goudy 7/26/2017 Summer Series V
Ryan Burnett 8/2/2017 Tour Championship
Nikolai Friedman 8/21/2017 Fall Series I
Nathan Wang 8/21/2017 Fall Series I
Cynthia Zhang 8/21/2017 Fall Series I
Maximilian Ramirez 8/28/2017 Fall Series II
Quinn Duong 8/28/2017 Fall Series II
Jackson Koivun 9/4/2017 Fall Series III
Thomas Hutchison 9/11/2017 Fall Series IV
Colin Yee 9/11/2017 Fall Series IV
Steffi Lin 9/11/2017 Fall Series IV
Brian Stark 9/18/2017 Fall Series V
Alexander Guan 9/18/2017 Fall Series V
Caitlin Figura 9/18/2017 Fall Series V
Noah Woolsey 10/2/2017 Fall Series VI
Will Clark 10/2/2017 Fall Series VI
Samira Pal 10/2/2017 Fall Series VI
Justin Gums 10/9/2017 Fall Series VII
Sienna Lyford 10/9/2017 Fall Series VII
Alyssa Yee 10/9/2017 Fall Series VII
Ashkaan Hakim 10/16/2016 Fall Series VIII
Andrew Burdick 10/16/2016 Fall Series VIII
Yealimi Noh 10/16/2016 Fall Series VIII
Mika Jin 10/23/2017 Fall Series IX
Kate Lim 10/23/2017 Fall Series IX
Daulet Tuleubayev 11/22/2017 Holiday I
Krishan Patel 11/22/2017 Holiday I
Simar Singh 11/22/2017 Holiday I
Selena Tang 11/22/2017 Holiday I
Bradley Vu 12/4/2017 Holiday II
Tammy Lim 12/4/2017 Holiday II
Vani Karimanal 12/4/2017 Holiday II
Lucas Carper 12/29/2017 Holiday III
Camden Daly 12/29/2017 Holiday III
Andrea Gomez 12/29/2017 Holiday III
Annika Cruz 12/29/2017 Holiday III
Noah Norton 3/19/2018 Spring Series I
Belinda Hu 3/19/2018 Spring Series I
Jaclyn LaHa 3/19/2018 Spring Series I
Moibhi Tyndall 3/26/2018 Spring Series II
Sabrina Iqbal 3/27/2018 Spring Series II
Jacob Ponce 3/28/2018 Spring Series II
Clare Brady 3/29/2018 Spring Series II
Ty Griggs 4/9/2018 Spring Series III
Nicole Foster 4/10/2018 Spring Series III
Connor Lien 4/11/2018 Spring Series III
Varnika Achanta 4/23/2018 Spring Series IV
Gregory Lee 4/23/2018 Spring Series IV
Alec Phillips 4/23/2018 Spring Series IV
Maya Pugatch 4/23/2018 Spring Series IV
Tournament Registration
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